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  • Do you feel uncomfortable in your body and often stay at home or even in bed even though you could be outside, playing, working, enjoying, relaxing and enjoying yourself? 

    Get natural Ayurvedic help!

    • Massage helps provide a comfortable experience
    • Promote an attractive appearance with natural ingredients

    Does this seem familiar to you? In the morning, shortly after getting up, your joints feel stiff and walking is difficult? In the evening you just want to put your feet up and enjoy a long and soothing massage?

    You are not alone!

     In today's hectic world, constant stress and aging we all need time to take care of our body. After a long day at work, whether you were sitting in front of a computer or have been on your feet all day, you just want to enjoy a  relaxing massage.

    Fortunately, Ayurveda has a solution for you that will help you experience comfort and relaxation to regain your quality of life and at the same time promote the attractiveness of your body. Ayurveda not only discovered the power of natural herbal ingredients more than 5000 years ago, they also used these herbal ingredients to develop complex recipes that deliver results that you have never seen before with other creams or lotions.

    What is Ayurveda?

    Ayurveda is a science based on the principles and recipes that follow the ancient texts, based on recipes that have been tried and tested for 5000 years. According to Ayurvedic teaching, the skin should only be cared for with products that are also safe to be eaten. For this reason Ayurveda only recommends natural formulations. Natural fragrances and herbs are combined so that they guarantee maximum purity and effectiveness.

    Why YOU should use an oil as part of your routine!

    Unlike some other ointments and creams, Ayurvedic oils are not just a combination of ingredients and chemicals. Ayurvedic oils are an extremely effective combination of exotic herbs that are carefully processed according to the Ayurvedic procedures recommended in the old Ayurvedic texts. These oils are very light and do not stick, it is the type of oil that disappears in your skin but still gives you smooth skin. The result differs from that of a cream.

    And even more - Ayurvedic oils are also suitable for all skin types!

    Regardless of whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive or a combination of these - whether you live in a temperate, moist or dry climate or even close to the sea, Ayurvedic oils have been developed in such a way that they balance your skin and give it a feel and look that a cream, lotion or gel never would be able too.

    And did I already mentioned: Only the purest Ayurvedic herbs are used, nothing is hidden from you!

    iYURA Shalathya massage oil is a polyherbal massage oil with over 45 herbs, which is cooked according to the complex recipes of Ayurveda. This complex combination of herbs promotes the natural attractiveness of the body, provides ultimate comfort during massage with it's 46 natural ayurvedic ingredients. This oil is an extremely effective composition of 100% natural ingredients that are carefully prepared using traditional Ayurvedic methods.

    • This natural Ayurvedic oil is suitable for all skin types 
    • The complex herbal formula promotes the natural attractiveness of the body 
    • You will enjoy this massage much more than you expect! It is extremely relaxing. 

    Shalathya massage Oil 

    A recipe that has been tried and tested for thousands of years 

    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil

    The legendary Ayurvedic oil for natural support with 46 natural ayurvedic ingredients.

    That's what our customers say about our products 

    Shalathya massage oil
    the oil is wonderful. almost used up and I immediately order an oil again. I use it to nourish my arms neck and face 

    - Baerbel U.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    I love this oil 
    I have bought this oil many times - it is always on the shelf in my house. It smells heavenly ...

    - Maril

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    The main ingredients of Shalathya Massage Oil: 

    The popular Ayurvedic sesame oil 

    This valuable, fragrant oil made from the seeds of the sesame plant is the carrier oil. The sesame plant, which grows up to 1.20 meters high has numerous, elongated fruits which contain small seeds. These seeds are ground and pressed into an oil that forms the base of Shalathya massage oil.

    Sesame oil is a particularly valuable, pure oil that is quickly absorbed and transports the ingredients to the skin. With it's characteristic aromatic smell, this oil has a wonderfully relaxing effect on your body and skin.

    Winter cherry 

    The winter cherry with it's botanical name: Withania somnifera, is also known as Indian ginseng. In Sanskrit, this  plant is also called "Ashwagandha" and is commonly used in many aspects of Ayurveda.It is an integral part of many massage oil recipes.

    Ashwagandha balances the two Doshas Kapha and Vata. It's simultaneous effects on body and mind make Ashwagandha a popular plant for both athletes and students. 

    Solanum indicum

    Solanum indicum is a small, thorny shrub that grows mainly in shady places on fallow land. The branched, prickly nightshade family is common throughout India.

    Its Ayurvedic name is Brihati. The dried root of the plant is used in Ayurveda due to its beneficial properties on the skin. It is therefore a common component of massage oils. This plant has a stimulating effect on the pitta dosha. 

    Sand mallow and Indian mallow 

    The sand mallow, Sida cordifolia, is a beautiful, delicate yellow blooming flower, related to our European mallow. The Sanskrit name of this beautiful flower already reveals everything about its application: “Bala” translates to: “The one that gives strength and power”. In addition, the sand mallow has softening and soothing properties and reduces the Dosha Vata.

    All parts of the sand mallow are used, but the highest concentration of active ingredients is found in the roots. 

    Like the sand mallow, the Indian mallow or Abutilon indicum belongs to the mallow family, but is a different plant that should not be confused with the sand mallow. The Indian mallow, known as Atibala in Sanskrit, grows into a small, tropical shrub. Its five-petaled flowers are bright sun yellow. All parts of the plant are used, mainly shoots and flowers. 


    This aster plant, with the Latin name Pluchea lanceolata, is an approximately 1.5 m high shrub with purple flowers reminiscent of the flowers of the thistle.

    Both the flowers and leaves are used, in Ayurvedic oils it is said to balance the kapha dosha. 

    iYURA Shalathya massage oil not only combines these 6 highly effective, supportive ingredients, but also offers over 40 other ingredients that enjoy an excellent reputation in Ayurveda.

    A recipe that has been tried and tested for thousands of years 

    That's what our customers say about our products 

    ... Good consistency for the massage - moisturizing but not oily. Still used as a targeted oil. 

    - Karen C.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    ... I put it on before bed and in the morning you feel better and I can move around 😊 thanks for a great product. 

    - Marilyn

    - Results can vary from person to person

    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil

    Shalathya massage Oil 

    Delivered in high quality round protective packaging 

    Shalathya Massage Oil for a soothing, daily massage 

     Only a few drops of this precious oil are needed to turn your day into a soothing and relaxing experience. 

    The oil consists of over 46 active ingredients that complement and strengthen each other in a unique combination. The herbal ingredients are used for both their soothing and beautifying effects, and provide a natural support to the skin.

    How to use Shalathya Massage Oil:

    Use around 5 ml of Shalathya massage oil and massage gently into the skin around the joints and muscles for 15 to 20 minutes. Any excess oil that has not been absorbed after this time can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Keep treated areas warm and covered with clothing after use. 

    The best time to use Shalathya Massage Oil is in the evening just before bed, the oil can be left on overnight and in the morning you can wash it off with lukewarm water. 

    Treat yourself to the relaxation that has already proven itself to thousands of customers. 

    The legendary Ayurveda massage oil 

    • Pure quality oil, according to Ayurvedic guidelines 
    • Let yourself be pampered by a soothing massage 
    • Support your skin with valuable herbal substances 
    • Experience the beneficial effects of the old, original Ayurveda recipes 

    What makes an Ayurvedic oil special?

     iYURA Shalathya massage oil is not only much more than essential oils in a base oil - this oil is Ayurvedic!

    Interestingly, in Sanskrit there is a beautiful word called "samskara". Samskaras not only refer to moral or ethical values, but are also defined as signs of various experiences that are imprinted on the human mind or soul. This word also refers to a "process" or a journey that one undertakes. When dealing with Ayurvedic cuisine, things like the time the spices are added to the fat or ghee, the order in which the ingredients are added, the way in which certain herbs are added, etc. all very important aspects that cause a change in the nature of the food.

    This subtle Ayurvedic principle, or "samskara", is exactly followed in the production of Shalathya massage oil. It is ensured that all herbs are carefully cooked and only the highest quality oil is used, which is made exclusively from pure ingredients that do not endanger our planet , is carefully prepared. 

    That's what our customers say about our products 

    Fabulous oil
    high quality oil with a wonderful, completely natural fragrance. I like to use it every day, especially on my knees and shoulders, it feels very warm and relaxing. 

    - Lucy M.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    After using it for just a few days, I was able to walk all over Disneyland for three days and spend a three-day vacation there ... I can't wait to see how much more I can do with it. Thank you! 

    - Karen C.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil
    Shalathya Massage Oil

    I bought it for my husband ... He loves it! It has a mild 'earthy' fragrance compared to the essential oils we commonly use; however, the smell is pleasant and does not linger too long. This oil works very well for him ... I have used this oil for my wrists several times and have had good experiences with it ... We are both very satisfied with the effectiveness of the oil - and the packaging is fabulous! We'll buy more of it in the future. Thank you for a product that really delivers results !! 

    - Rhonda A.

    Shalathya massage oil 

    100 ml


    + free delivery 

    100% satisfaction and 30-day money back guarantee 

    Excellent oil
    high quality oil with a wonderful, completely natural fragrance. I like to use it every day, especially on my knees and shoulders, it feels very warm and relaxing. 

    - Lucy M.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    ... this product is really fantastic. My 80 year old mother, my husband and I all used it with great success .... I thought it might be a coincidence or a placebo effect, so I had my mother apply it on her knee ... Mine Man tried it on his ankle ... We love it and highly recommend it ”. 

    - Michelle C.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    Full list of ingredients:

    sesame oil  [Sesamum indicum seed oil]
    Shatavari, Indian butterbur  [Asparagus racemosus root extract]
    Fat from cow's milk
    Ashwagandha, Winter Cherry[Withania somnifera root extract]
    Punarnava [Boerhaavia diffusa root extract]
    Golden Apple [Aegle marmelos root extract]
    Brihti (Blackberry nightshae)[Solanum indicum root extract]
    Puncture Vine [Tribulus terrestris whole plant extract]
    Indian trumpet flower [Oroxylum indicum root extract]
    Sand mallow  [Sida cordifolia root extract]
    Indian coral tree [Erythrina indica root extract]
    yellow-fruit nightshade [Solanum xanthocarpum whole plant extract]
    Indian mallow [Abutilon indicum root extract]
    Anni [Clerodendrum phlomidis root extract]
    Skunkvine [Paederia foetida whole plant extract]
    Patala  [Stereospermum suaveolens root extract]
    Indian kudzu [Pueraria tuberose tuber extract] 
    Air yam [Dioscorea bulbifera tuber extract]
    Rasna [Pluchea lanceolate root extract]
    Fennel [Foeniculum vulgar fruit extract]
    Himalayan Cedar [Cedrus deodara heartwood extract]
    Thai-Ginger [Alpinia galangal root extract]
    Anshumati [Desmodium gangeticum whole plant extract]
    Prishniparni [Uraria picta whole plant extract]
    Mashaparni  [Teramnus labialis whole plant extract]
    Mudgaparni [Phaseolus trilobus whole plant extract]
    Indian Rose Chestnut [Mesua ferra stamen extract]
    Curcuma [Curcuma longa tuber extract]
    Indian barberry [Berberis aristate stem extract]
    Black Stone Flower [Parmotrema perlatum whole plant extract]
    Indian Sandalwood [Santalum album heartwood extract]
    Puskarmool [Inula racemose root extract]
    Green Caramom [Elettaria cardamomum seed extract]
    Indian Madder [Rubia cordifolia root extract]
    Liquorice [Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract]
    Indian valerian [Valeriana wallichii root extract]
    Bulbous Cyprus grass [Cyperus rotundus tuber extract]
    Indian Bay Leaf [Cinnamomum tamala leaf extract]
    Cinnamon [Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract] 
    Fragrant Swamp Mallow [Pavonia odorata root extract]
    Sweet Flag [Acorus calamus tuber extract]
    Flame of the Forest [Butea monosperma bark extract]
    Common Yew [Taxus baccata bark extract]
    Angelica [Angelica glauca tuber extract]
    Camphor tree[Cinnamomum camphora leaf extract]
    Ambrette [Hibiscus abelmoschus seed extract]


    Caution: For external use only. Please carry out an allergy tests before use. Do not apply to wounds, cuts or rashes. This product is not intended to treat or cure an illness.

    Amount: 100 ml 

    Experience for yourself how good Shalathya Massage Oil is for you 

    Shalathya Massage Oil comes from Ayurveda, one of the oldest traditional sciences of humanity. The preparations of Ayurveda are based exclusively on natural ingredients that are combined with one another in careful, precisely balanced processes. Ayurveda has been using the power of plants in conjunction with valuable oils for more than 5000 years. Discover the power of Ayurveda in this precious oil blend.

    In Europe, thousands of people already use our ayurvedic oils and have long since discovered what they can do. Many have seen improvements in their skin. Shalathya Massage Oil is a unique oil blend that was developed thousands of years ago and still follows the same Ayurvedic principles of the classical Maharayana oil. This oils is considered one of the best oils for those that are looking for smooth skin.

    Maharayana is traditionally the "king oil for the Maharajah". No wonder that its ingredients and preparation methods are particularly valuable. Shalathya relaxes and has a refreshing effect and balances the energies of body and mind. 

    Ayurvedic skin care 

    What makes iYURA so special? 

    The iYURA brand stands for high-quality Ayurveda products made from selected ingredients that have been handed down from the old ayurvedic texts that were created thousands of years ago and are in use even today. The Ayurvedic scriptures are among the oldest in the world and  are a perfect compliment to our modern world with its hectic pace and requirements. This Ayurvedic oil will make a noticeable difference to your quality of life.

     People are slowly discovering the benefits of these Ayurvedic oils for them-self. 

    iYURA has set itself the goal of making these precious formulations available to you in only the  highest quality while following the authentic procedures ensuring only the highest quality outcome. We follow the old traditional recipes, because Ayurveda is not just about using the right plants, it's about the entire process of cooking the oils, from the time of harvest to the method and timing of adding the various herbs to the mixture, to the way the products is bottled with the utmost care. This process is intensive and time consuming but ensure the highest quality and is the only way to ensure that these oils achieve their intended effect.

    When is a product “Ayurvedic”? 

    Ayurvedic skin care products are more than just a simple mixture of herbs and natural ingredients.

    Ayurveda is a science based on principles and only recipes that follow the ancient texts or adhere to the Ayurvedic principles are actually Ayurvedic and show the expected effect. Classic Ayurvedic recipes can be found in the ancient text and many of them have been in use for thousands of years and are still actively used today by Ayurvedic experts all around the world.

    At iYURA, we ensure that we adhere to the texts and principles without the products becoming impractical to use. 

    What distinguishes our brand from others? 

    Quality: Our products are based on the old Ayurveda recipes. We have spared no effort to track down the plants and oils mentioned in it and adhere to the manufacturing processes described.

    Ayurveda products with the fascinating balance of active ingredients that complement each other can only work if they are carefully manufactured and the corresponding concentrations and proportions are preserved as described in the texts.

    Purity: The label "natural" here really means that each and every products is natural, have a look at the ingredient list and you will see that we do not use chemicals or other unpronounceable ingredients. Nowadays many products are labeled as natural, but not all of them are free of chemical ingredients. We only offer pure oils that are only enriched with the plants that are described in the ancient Ayurveda texts. True to the letter to preserve the principles of Ayurveda. 

    "A real treat!
    My back and shoulders are looking forward to the evening!  It smells good, the consistency is very pleasant and it does what it should: relax the muscles in a pleasant way!"

    -Beate W.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

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