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  • If in the morning you ...

    • want to feel completely comfortable in your body 
    • want to recharge your self-confidence 
    • want to feel like you can get everything done today
    • and want to get compliments for your energy and good looking skin

    Jagrivi Kapha Oil

    Feel awake and refreshed in just 5 minutes in the morning with this secret Ayurvedic recipe

    Every woman is familiar with this ...

    You torture yourself out of bed in the morning, feel lethargic, even if you actually slept well. It is often difficult to really wake up.

    Do you lack energy in the morning? Then you have come to the right place.

    Morning rituals are all the rage ... but who has time for that?

    You have probably already heard what you should theoretically do to have the perfect start to the day: meditate, keep a diary, celebrate life with a tea ritual, do yoga, and, and, and ...

    But how exactly would all that work? Your family and pets will immediately call for your attention. Your to-do list is already bursting at the seams. You simply don't have the time to spend to do all these things in the morning ... even if they were nice to do. In order not to lag behind all day, you have to get going as quickly as possible. But …

    Where will the energy come from?

    For many, reaching for a coffee mug is the only way out. In the long run, this is not the best solution for your health. The better solution is actually to live a balanced life, and do the right thing for your body.

    So what are the alternatives? 

    The old new solution to get motivated and ready for every day 

    Who needs lengthy morning rituals if you can take advantage of the millennia-old wisdom of Ayurveda?

    Ayurveda originated in India 5,000 years ago. This “science of life” helps people to lead a happy and vital life and to develop their full potential while at the same time keeping active and healthy. These principles are still relevant today ... maybe more so than ever!

    So how exactly can Ayurveda help you in the morning? With the special power of oils! These oils are the carriers for unique and valuable herbs.

    We have the perfect oil for you to start the day right: 

    Jagrivi Kapha oil - more energy in your day in just 5 minutes in the morning

    Find out how you can finally overcome your tiredness in the morning and at the same time care for your skin in a gentle way. 

    Jagrivi Kapha Oil, when massaged into your skin every morning after a shower will make your skin feel cared for and velvety soft. At the same time the oil will give you a kick of freshness that will allow you to start the day full of energy. 

    And the best thing is: you are doing something good for your body. Ayurveda is based on the principle that only that what you can 'eat should be put on the skin. That's why Jagrivi Kapha oil consists exclusively of pure, natural ingredients. It's breakfast for your skin, so to speak! 

    So if in the morning, you ...

    • want to feel completely comfortable in your body 
    • want to recharge your self-confidence 
    • want to feel like you can do everything today 
    • and want to get compliments for your energy and good looking skin 

    Jagrivi Kapha Oil 

    Awake and refresh in just 5 minutes in the morning 

    "natural and powerful"

    These products are game changers! I look forward to my skincare routine when I know that I use products that are natural and powerful. 

    - Emily D.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    "My skin was hungry for this product !!"

    "I was concerned about an oily layer because my skin was oily for most of my life. But I had recently started an Ayurvedic diet and decided to switch to skin care too. After about two weeks, my friends commented on the smooth appearance and the beautiful, even color of my skin. They were sure I was wearing makeup, but it wasn't true! "" My skin was hungry for this product !! "

    - Cynthia W.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    How does Jagrivi Kapha oil do it? 

    It is because of it's special ingredients

    The popular Ayurvedic sesame oil 

    The valuable, fragrant sesame oil is the carrier oil for our massage oil. It is obtained from the seeds of the sesame plant, which grows up to 1.20 meters high. The numerous, elongated fruits of the plant contain the small seeds, which are ground and pressed into oil.

    Sesame oil is a particularly valuable, pure oil that is deeply absorbed and transports the active ingredients under the skin. Already with its characteristic, aromatic smell, the oil has a wonderfully relaxing and balancing effect on your doshas.

    It is suitable for all skin types and has a balancing effect on all three "doshas", the three constitutional types of Ayurveda. Sesame oil brings balance back into your body!

    It is used especially for the daily self massage. Also in sports, such as the Indian martial art Kalari from Kerala or yoga, it is massaged on all joints before training so that the body remains flexible. 


    Native to the Mediterranean, this herb is known from Mediterranean cuisine. With its invigorating aroma, rosemary can do much more than just give dishes a special taste.

    If the skin is better cared for, it immediately makes a fresher, rosier impression and appears firmer. 


    The evergreen, tropical clove tree has been popular since the early Middle Ages. Thanks to their positive properties, cloves are used in many different ways.

    Ayurveda practitioners have always used the incomparable aroma as a coffee substitute. Imagine you could get a new drive without caffeine. 

    But aren't there so many body oils on the market? 

    Personal care products are like sand by the sea. You have probably already tried one or the other. Finding a really convincing product that does what it says on the tin can be difficult.

    Fortunately, our oil is different ... 

    What makes Jagrivi Kapha oil so special? 

    • Only natural ingredients: sesame oil, rosemary, clove. 
    • Based on millennia-old, classic Ayurvedic recipes. 
    • Adapted to modern requirements so that it is easy to use. 
    • Vegetarian / vegan. 
    • No oil stains on clothing. 
    Get your Jagrivi Kapha Oil now

    But isn't a body lotion enough? Why do I need an oil? 

    Plant-based body oils have a decisive advantage over body lotions. Pure vegetable oils such as sesame oil are similar in their fat composition to their own skin fat. As a result, they harmonize with the skin in a natural way. 

    Jagrivi Kapha oil is for you if you ... 

    • Suffer from dry skin through frequent showering, dry indoor air, or stress. 
    • It's difficult to wake up in the morning. 
    • Want to leave only natural products on your skin. 
    • Want to do something good for the environment and yourself. 
    • Sensitive or allergic to ingredients in most creams and lotions. 

    And this is how the Jagrivi Kapha oil works ... 

    • Take a few drops of the oil
    • Apply to damp skin immediately after showering in the morning. 
    • Massage the body with the oil for 5 minutes until it no longer absorbs. 
    • Feel awake and fresh. 

    The result ... 

    • Smooth, velvety skin full of moisture. 
    • Fresh energy for the whole day. 
    • The confidence to be able to do everything today. 

    "Wow! What a difference !!!"

    How do you say so beautifully, a picture says more than 1000 words. You just have to look at the difference between the first and the 25th day. I used the oil according to the instructions to document the difference. At the age of 66, my dry, sensitive skin hadn't looked so good for many years. Thank you for this fabulous product.

    - Stephanie L

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    "Very nice oil"
    The Jagrivi Kapha oil is very pleasant, easy to apply and really good. The skin glows after application. I use the oil every day and can only recommend it. 

    - Irena K.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    "This stuff is just AWESOME !!!!"

    "Everything I've tried so far has either not worked, irritated my skin, or is FAR too expensive .... but this ?!? Is unbelievable!!! No irritation, excellent price (lasts a long time) and it works !!!! I have been working outdoors (for 17 years) and my skin was tired, dull and I had to deal with dry spots even though I did everything possible! These products kept their promise !!! I would highly recommend her !!!! "The stuff is just AWESOME !!!!"

    - Susan C.

    Jagrivi Kapha Oil 

    100 ml

    + Free delivery 

    100% satisfaction and 30-day money back guarantee 

    "Jagrivi Kapha Oil"
    Feels fantastic on the skin. I have neurodermatitis and contracts these products very well. It's a great feeling 

    - Kathrin G.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    "Pure enthusiasm!"

    Very wonderful oils 

    - Susanne F.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    Ayurvedic skin care 

    When is a product “Ayurvedic”? 

    Ayurvedic skin care products are more than a simple mixture of herbs and natural ingredients.

    Ayurveda is a science based on principles and only recipes that follow the ancient texts or strictly adhere to the Ayurvedic principles are actually Ayurvedic and show the expected effect. Classic Ayurvedic recipes can be found in the ancient Ayurvedic texts that have been in use for thousands of years and are still used effectively today.

    At iYURA, we ensure that we adhere to the texts and principles without the products becoming impractical to use. 

    Your Jagrivi Kapha oil comes to you free of charge 

    Order now and the oil will be with you within 2–3 working days… thanks to free shipping. 

    Test without risk thanks to our 30-day money-back guarantee 

    Who is behind the Jagrivi Kapha oil? 

    Made by one of the leading Ayurveda brands: iYURA 

    With authentic, Ayurvedic wellness products made from exclusively natural ingredients, we help women worldwide to create a happy life. We create the fine balance between traditional Ayurveda and a rapidly developing world that demands solutions for modern everyday life. Our products are based on millennia-old recipes, the effectiveness of which has been handed down in historical, Ayurvedic texts. We make these beauty secrets accessible and applicable to the modern woman.

    What makes us special - iYURA is ... 

    • Authentic: We uphold the old, traditional, Ayurvedic wisdom. 
    • Knowledgeable: We like to share our knowledge about Ayurveda often and with everyone who is interested. 
    • Qualitative: We work with the leading experts in various fields to create unique products of the best quality. 
    • Innovative: We solve modern problems in a creative way by using old knowledge. 
    • Connecting: We create a worldwide community for everyone who wants to benefit from Ayurveda. 

    Customer service is our top priority

    We treat our customers like family and are always there for you. From guaranteed satisfaction to fast delivery to personalized aftercare - we take the extra step so that you are completely happy.

    Convince yourself of our products. And completely without risk thanks to our uncomplicated 30-day money-back guarantee. 

    What makes Jagrivi Kapha Oil so special? 

    • Only natural ingredients: sesame oil, rosemary, clove. 
    • Based on millennia-old, classic Ayurvedic recipes. 
    • Adapted to modern requirements so that it is easy to use. 
    • Vegetarian / vegan. 
    • No oil stains on clothing. 

    Find out how you can finally overcome the tiredness in the morning and at the same time care for your skin in a gentle way. 

    Massaged into the skin after your shower in the morning, this oil will make your skin feel well cared for and make it velvety soft and smooth. At the same time it will give you that freshness kick that you need to start the day full of energy. 

    Take care of your body and mind: 

    What you get when you order today 

    Quality and authenticity 

    iYURA stands for high-quality Ayurveda products and keeps its promise of high quality and authenticity. We want to make it easier for people in western countries to benefit from the knowledge of ancient Asian medicine. 

    The iYURA guarantees 

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