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  • Are you feeling restless or worried? Then you are not alone, many people feel the same way. This constant worry does not leave our skin without a trace. 

    Discover the perfect blend of natural ingredients that will help incite creativity and bring balance to your skin

    If you frequently lose your mental peace and become restless or worried, you have a so-called «Vata» imbalance. This imbalance could also be caused by cold our drought. 

    "Vata" is the vital energy that we associate with movement. When in balance «Vata» ensures creativity and a centered mind. But for those that have lost that balance, they feel listless and unmotivated.

    In Western culture, due to the many outside influences from jobs, pollution, noise and other factors, it has become difficult for people to maintain their dosha balance, and as a result many people suffer from a Vata imbalance.

    The following things can upset mental and physical balance: 

    • Restlessness, worry and fear 
    • Lack of self-confidence and traumatic experiences 
    • Too little exercise or too much exercise without sufficient recovery. 
    • Cold and drought 

    All of this makes our skin suffer. But what can you do about the consequences? 

    What helps against a «Vata» imbalance 

    In addition to a balanced diet and well-dosed exercise, there is another method that will help restore your Vata imbalance: Ayurveda.

    «Until we live in harmony with nature and ourselves, we cannot expect to be healed. Ayurveda gives us the means to do so. » Ancient Ayurveda wisdom

    The millennia-old science still helps countless people to live a balanced life. We would therefore like to introduce you to one of our favorites: Hridamya Vata Oil consisting of high-quality essential oils. This unique and valuable oil will help you conquer fear and restlessness through addressing your Vata imbalance.

    This authentic Ayurvedic oil helps you in a variety of ways thanks to the perfect combination of Citronella oil and Star anise: 

    • It soothes and moisturizes skin marked by dryness and cold 
    • It calms the mind and soul and gives a feeling of warmth, protection and security 
    • The oil promotes general well-being and helps you to restore your «Vata» balance 

    All in all, this oil helps you to live more relaxed. This helps your skin alleviate the effects of restlessness, making it look well-cared for and velvety soft. 

    Hridamya Vata oil 

    The best of nature + a classic Ayurvedic recipe + lots of love =
    Hridamya Vata Oil

    That's what our customers say about iYURA products 

    "My skin was hungry for this product !!"

    "I was concerned about an oily layer because my skin was oily for most of my life. But I had recently started an Ayurvedic diet and decided to switch to skin care too. After about two weeks, my friends commented on the smooth appearance and the beautiful, even color of my skin. They were sure I was wearing makeup, but it wasn't true! " 

    - Cynthia W. 

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    "The stuff is just AWESOME !!!!"

    Everything I have tried so far has either not worked, irritated my skin, or is MUCH too expensive ... THAT?!? Is unbelievable!!! No irritation, excellent price (lasts a long time) and it works !!!! I have been working outdoors (for 17 years) and my skin was tired, dull and I had to deal with dry spots even though I did everything possible! These products kept their promise !!! I would highly recommend her !!!! 

    - Susan C.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    If you want to convince yourself of the power of Hridamya Vata oil, we look forward to sending you a bottle of this exclusive product at home, what's more, we offer Free shipping and if you are unsatisfied, you can simply return the product within 30 days. 

    The main ingredients of Hridamya Vata oil 

    Hridamya Vata oil consists of various ingredients that work together to achieve the full effect of this oil. The primary effect of Ayurvedic massage oils is achieved through the harmoniously coordinated herbal extracts contained within. Depending on the season, these herbs are selected, collected and processed with the greatest care - in a lengthy process that follows principles that are thousands of years old! 

    Sesame oil 

    High-quality sesame oil obtained from the small seeds of the sesame plant forms the basis of Hridamya Vata oil. All of our Ayurvedic Dosha oils are based on pure sesame oil, it is considered one of the oldest oils in the world and is essential for many Ayurvedic recipes.

    Natural sesame oil helps alleviate and improve the appearance of aging skin which is why sesame oil has been used for skin care since time immemorial.

    From an Ayurvedic point of view, the oil acts as a carrier medium and transports the auxiliary herbal substances to the skin, where they can provide their full effect.

    Citronella oil 

    Another important component of Hridamya Vata oil is Citronella oil. This is obtained from Lemongrass plant, a well-known herb used for medicinal purposes in the Mediterranean.

    Citronella oil has been an important part of naturopathy for thousands of years because citronella oil has many positive effects on the human body and mind.

    The scent of Citronella smells like a mixture of lemon and peppermint and can have a calming effect on body and mind. Citronella oil is an essential component of Hridamya Vata oil providing peace and harmony, giving us a break from the worries and restlessness we have to deal with every day.

    Star anise oil 

    Another important ingredient of Hridamya Vata oil is Star anise essential oil. This is obtained from the evergreen Illicium Verum tree, which grows in Southeast Asia.

    Star anise oil is said to have various positive effects on the human body, which is why it occupies an important place in Ayurveda. Star anise oil has a calming effect on the mind and has been used in naturopathy since ancient times for relaxation.

    "natural and powerful "

    These products are game changers! I look forward to my skincare routine when I know that I use products that are natural and powerful. 

    - Emily D.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    This oil is incredible. I noticed a difference from the moment I applied it. I definitely buy again and again ... 

    - Tiaura R.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    How to use Hridamya Vata oil 

    Hridamya Vata oil is best suited for a massage. Simply use 2 or 3 pumps of oil and massage the skin gently until the oil has been absorbed.

    The oil works at it's best if you leave it on for a short time after massaging (10 to 15 minutes) and then enjoy a hot shower or bath. The warmth of the water, will help with the absorption of the oil. Likewise, applying the oil before a session in the sauna would also bring out it's most optimal effect.

    You will see for yourself how soft and soft the skin is afterwards, because the oil supports the natural appearance of the skin.

    Regular massages with these herbal Ayurvedic oils support the well-being of body and mind holistically and sustainably. In this way they support the inner «Vata» balance. 

    The three iYURA guarantees 

    Free shipping

    30 days money back guarantee 

    100% natural ingredients 

    Your purchase is 100% risk-free, because your satisfaction is guaranteed with us: if you are not convinced of the effectiveness of our products, we will give you your money back. Convince yourself of the power of Hridamya Vata Oil now. 

    This is what you can expect when you buy Hridamya Vata Oil 

    If you order Hridamya Vata oil today, you will receive this amazing Ayurvedic oil risk-free and sent home with no shipping costs. Convince yourself of the quality of this oil, because we have put a lot of care and love into its production.

    And if you are not satisfied, for any reason at all. Contact our customer support and we'll give you a full refund. We take customer feedback very seriously and always strive to take your wishes into account. Many of our creations have arisen from the wishes of customers.

    If you want to bring balance to your life, take the opportunity to test the unique Hridamya Vata oil. 

    "Natural and powerful"

    These products are game changers! I look forward to my skincare routine when I know that I use products that are natural and powerful. 

    - Emily D.

    - Results can vary from person to person 


    Such a wonderful smelling, great oil. I have used it on many of my patients and everyone has chosen their own bottle for at home as it has massively reduced their pain. I cannot recommend this oil enough. 

    - Rachimah

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    Wow! What a difference!!!

    How do you say so beautifully, a picture says more than 1000 words. You just have to look at the difference between the first and the 25th day. I used the oil according to the instructions to document the difference. At the age of 66, my dry, sensitive skin hadn't looked so good for many years. Thank you for this fabulous product. 

    - Stephanie L.

    Hridamya Vata oil 

    The best of nature + classic Ayurveda recipes + lots of love = Hridamya Vata Oil 

    100 ml

    + Free shipping 

    "I LOVE MY iYURA oils!!!"

    My skin is like butter. I'm already on my second bottle .... My skin was great for 55 years old. But now it's phenomenal and I'm shining! 

    - Rebecca j.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    Ayurvedic skin care 

    When is a product “Ayurvedic”? 

    Ayurvedic skin care products are more than a simple mixture of herbs and natural ingredients.

    Ayurveda is a science based on a series of principles written down centuries ago that have been effectively used up to this day. Only  recipes that follow these ancient texts and adhere to these Ayurvedic principles can actually be called Ayurvedic. This is not only limited to the specific herbs that are added to the oil, but just like cooking, when and how each herb is added to the oil is extremely important as well. These Ayurvedic recipes are even in use today, not only in India but all over the world by Ayurvedic practitioners to help people with natural product.

    Why iYURA?

    At iYURA, we ensure that we adhere to the Ayurvedic texts and principles without the products becoming impractical to use. We follow the classic Ayurvedic recipes of the ancient texts and bring them into line with modern needs and requirements. iYURA stands for authentic, high-quality and effective Ayurvedic products for the modern user.  

    How is Hridamya Vata Oil made? 

    At iYURA we follow the traditional Ayurveda recipes and make sure to keep all manufacturing steps as authentic possible. It is crucial that all herbs are treated with the greatest care. They are carefully selected and harvested according to the seasons and processed into an oil according to a lengthy recipe that requires a lot of dedication and care.

    Central is a harmonious balance of these different ingredients, which is based on the millennia-old tried and tested Ayurveda wisdom. Because these recipes have already helped millions of people from different cultures. "Ayurveda teaches us to appreciate and love our innate nature and to honor who we are." Ancient Ayurveda wisdom 

    What you get when you order today 

    Quality and authenticity 

    iYURA stands for high-quality Ayurvedic products and keeps its promise authenticity. We want to make it easier for people in western countries to benefit from the knowledge of ancient Asian medicine.

    "The meaning of life is not only to be alive, but also to live healthy and balanced." Ancient Ayurveda wisdom 

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