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    Gone are the days when skincare used to be just a blind purchase, merely meant for surface-level moisturization.

    Informed skincare enthusiasts like you have turned the focus of the skincare world to unique ingredients and their REAL benefits for skin!

    We’re unravelling the truth about one such ingredient - SAFFRON and the REAL reason why all-natural Saffron-rich Skincare is all the rage in the beauty world now!

    No, we're not talking about American Saffron or Mexican Saffron, which is simply Safflower that is used to produce Safflower oil, but instead a not-so-well-known yet highly beneficial and coveted spice that's very rare to find in the West, whose benefits still remain unmatched to this day! 

    And since you have seen plenty of skincare advertisements over the years and could have probably been following some of the latest trends in skincare, especially the onset of Ayurveda in the West, you must have heard about Saffron’s incredibly beneficial effects on skin, how SUPREMELY EXPENSIVE the spice really is, the blush-glow it lends the skin or even seen it occasionally on Facebook and have been blown away by the beauty of this humble yet ROYAL flower!  

    Dull faces
    Dull faces

    But let us give you the REAL facts about Saffron - What is it known for in Ayurveda?

     How did it become so popular in Natural Skincare?  

    If there is one spice that could be considered the most in-demand and highly sought-after with benefits that no other spice can match – It's Saffron!  

    What makes this flower the world’s most expensive spice is because the spice harvested from each flower is so little - not more than 3 stigmas, which means that it requires more than 170,000 flowers to harvest 1 pound of the spice! In fact, Saffron is even more expensive than gold!

    What’s even more interesting is the fact that Saffron has always been so popular and so high in demand, so much so that back in the year 1350, a war erupted in Europe when a 800 lbs. shipment of Saffron valued today at more than $500,000 GBP was hijacked and stolen, in what is popularly known as the 'Saffron War'. This war is said to have lasted for more than 14 weeks! If people can fight over Saffron for more than 100 days at a stretch, you can only imagine how rich and beneficial this spice really is! 

    But what makes Saffron an even more desirable ingredient is because of what
    Ayurveda found 5,000 years ago!

    Saffron: Kesar, mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts

    Saffron is as old as time itself. Described as ‘Kesar’ in Ayurveda, the earliest mentions of Saffron in skincare date back to Vedic times (3,500 years ago) and are found extensively written about in ancient Ayurvedic texts such as ‘Charaka Samhita’ and 'Bhaishajya Ratnavalli'.

    The earliest practitioners of Ayurveda, Charaka and Sushruta, describe Saffron as being a miracle-worker in recoveringthe appearance of dull, glow-less, patchy skin. This spice has been tested by time for centuries and has proven its boon in livening up dullness, spots and blemishes, and offering enhanced complexion, texture and tone – all while lending a youthful exuberance to the skin! 

    The benefits of Saffron for skin are so unique and effective that it it is said Cleopatra used to bathe in Saffron milk every time before seeing a suitor!

    And as it happens, after centuries of usage, Saffron is hailed as the most exquisite and sought-after spice even today. More so when it comes to Ayurvedic skincare!

    Saffron: Kesar, mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts

    But even with the extensive usage of Saffron in skincare, making it the most sought-after spice in the entire history of humankind, there are 4 UNKNOWN FACTS about Saffron that Ayurveda uncovered centuries ago...

    ...Which are being revealed here, now!


    Once a prized possession of royals, Saffron is known in Ayurveda for the wellness of your body, mind and skin through just a few strands of it!

    However, no other beauty companies or blog articles know about or will tell you about Saffron's immaculate and unusual combination of advantages it has for the skin, that have been found in Ayurveda more than 5,000 years ago, especially this TRIO OF BENEFITS:  

    1. Bioavailability Enhancer or ‘Yogavahi’:

    Ayurveda reveres Saffron as a ‘Catalyst’ that accelerates the properties of other ingredients along with itself. This means that the thin strands of Saffron have the power to enhance the effectiveness of any skincare formulation it is added to, but without altering the constitution of the formulation.

    Being a ‘Yogavahi’, Saffron makes any skincare doubly potent.

    • It perpetuates the efficiency of the formulation, so you need only a small amount to get amplified results
    • And increases the absorption rate making it an extremely effective formulation.

    2. Balancer of all 3 Doshas or ‘Doshatrayahara’

    If you’re not familiar with the 3 Doshas in Ayurveda, they’re the bio-elements in Ayurveda that make up a person’s composition.

    Saffron: Tri-Dosha Balanacer

    Kapha Dosha - consists of the elements of earth and water and is associated with oiliness, juiciness, heaviness. Kapha is the first stage of life – just think of a baby’s juicy and plump skin and the expression “baby soft skin”.

    Pitta Dosha - consists of the elements of fire and water and is associated with heat, sharpness, and determination. Pitta is the second or middle stage of life – just think of a teenager’s acne and hot temper, or a young adult’s drive and ambition.

    Vata Dosha - consists of the elements of air and space and is associated with dryness, lightness, alertness and creativity. In the Vata stage of life, we experience dry, rough, dull and wrinkled skin that's missing an almost natural glow.We may feel cold more often, but also reach maturity, wisdom, grace and mastery. 

    When it comes to Ayurvedic skincare, herbs and spices with properties contradicting or balancing the Dosha aggravation are used to mitigate skin concerns.

    And can you believe that Saffron is one of the very rare ingredients that has the ability to balance and pacify ALL the 3 Doshas with equal and proven efficiency?!

    This balance between all Doshas is what is referred to in Ayurveda as the ideal state of the body and skin. It is believed to be tied to a concept of connectedness that extends far beyond the individual, reaching universal, almost with a sense of spiritual belongingness!

    3. Rejuvenator or ‘Rasayana’:

    ‘Rasayanas’ or ‘Rejuvenators’ are elements which guide you on the path to wellness. One such herb that possesses the qualities to enhance ‘ojas’ and ‘tejas’ or the life essence in every human is Saffron.

    Strength and energy are qualities that are commonly associated with the body, muscles and joints but not the skin. Contrary to popular belief, skin is as much a living organism as any of us, and requires rejuvenation and revitalization every step of the way, especially when you transition from one Dosha phase to the other.

    This is the reason why Saffron is an important ingredient in Ayurvedic skincare both internally as part of Ayurvedic herbal drinks or ‘Kashaya’ and externally as part of tried and tested Ayurvedic skincare!

    Saffron: an enviable skincare ingredient

    Keep reading to find the 4th thing about Saffron that no other skincare companies know about!


    According to Modern Western Science, only very few such ancient natural ingredients have been in use so extensively and have come close to what Saffron can do for the skin!

    Saffron contains more than 150 carotenoid compounds in its dried stigma, among them being crocin, crocetin, safranal and picrocrocin which are the most important bioactive constituents of saffron. These carotenoids, especially crocin, form apocarotenoids help to reduce the look of premature aging signs. Crocin and Crocetin are also known for being beneficial to reducing the look of photodamage-induced aging signs and impart suppleness.

    Saffron is also a mineral-rich spice with a long line-up of essential nutrients like Sodium (148 mg), Potassium (1724 mg), Calcium (111 mg), Iron (11.10 mg), Magnesium (264 mg), Manganese (28.408 mg), Phosphorus (252 mg), Selenium (5.6 µg) and Zinc (1.09 mg).

    That’s not all that Saffron is rich in. Saffron also comes packed with Vitamin B or Folates. Its high vitamin content is to be thanked for its ability to reduce the look of pesky pigments and spots on the skin!

    While the list of wonders that Saffron holds within its tiny tendrils are huge, here are some more benefits that come with a healthy session of massaging your face, especially when you combine it with a Saffron-rich skincare:

    • Helps plump your skin with a sweet rosy tinge
    • Improves the appearance of scars, blemishes and spots
    • Reduces the look of intense pigments and brings out an even-toned appearance
    • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fatigue lines
    • Enhances and brightens complexionfor a natural, healthy looking appearance
    • Exfoliates the surface of the skin and keeps it looking smooth and clear
    • Intensely moisturizes,skin and gives it a revitalized and nourished look

    In short, Saffron is a multifaceted powerhouse that literally brightens your appearance, enhances overall complexion and enlivens your skin for the perfect ROYAL GLOW!



    In case you are thinking of trying Saffron as part of a quick home remedy, here are a list of tips:

    Saffron Facial Mask for enhancing radiance

    For enhancing radiance:

    Mix one teaspoon of sandalwood powder with two to three strands of saffron, and two spoons of milk. Wash and wipe your face with a cloth before applying this face mask. Keep applying until your face and neck region is covered in a thin coat. Ensure to follow a circular massaging motion while applying. Rinse off with cool water just when it starts to dry.

    Saffron Milk for improved skin tone and complexion

    For improved skin tone and complexion:

    Soak a few strands of saffron in milk for 2 hours. Smear this milk all over your face and neck. Wash off after a few minutes. To get the best results, use it regularly.

    Saffron for clear and blemish-free skin

    For skin that appears clear and blemish-free:

    Mix 5-6 holy basil (tulsi) leaves with 10-12 strands of saffron to make a fine paste. Apply this on the face. Wash off with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can also apply saffron soaked milk on your face, like explained above, twice a day to help clear the look of blemishes.

    But before you go searching your nearest grocery store’s aisle looking for Saffron strands that are going to cost you more than you think, hear this out -


    Should you just buy a heap of gold-priced Saffron to give your skin all the benefits that we just talked about?


    Instead, Ayurveda says that the one and only way that Saffron can reach its full potential for skin is through a carefully concocted formulation specifically meant for your skin and its needs, and one that also fits your budget.

    Now that you know about Saffron and its revered place in Ayurveda, wouldn’t you want something for your dry, dull and patchy skin that is also authentically Ayurvedic and highly potent as the Ayurvedic spice itself?

    And here’s the 4th and the most unique thing about Saffron
    that no beauty company talks about, that no article covers, and certainly is still not revealed truthfully and authentically in the West!

    Centuries ago, the earliest practitioners of Ayurveda concocted a solution, which is by far the most POWERFUL Ayurvedic skincare ever known to mankind, with Saffron as the central ingredient, along with 20 other Ayurvedic ingredients.

    It is not just any Saffron-face oil, but a traditional beauty elixir derived from a 5,000-year-old ancient glow recipe originally formulated by Ayurvedic Scientists and carefully reproduced by our Ayurvedic experts using the same traditional intense procedures, and the same exact proportion of Saffron that was tried, tested and proven to be used on the face most efficaciously, centuries ago! 


    Formulated by Ayurvedic Experts

    An authentic Ayurvedic Face Oil by The Ayurveda Experience

    made using 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic procedures and techniques, along with 21 Ayurvedic ingredients known for brightening and livening up Dull, Uneven Skin Tone, and giving anatural, envious glow!


    Enriched with the brightening, dullness-removing and glow-boosting benefits of the ‘Royal Spice’ Saffron, the clarifying effects of Turmeric, complexion enhancing abilities of Manjistha or Indian Madder, soothing Large Leaf Beautyberry and the all-rounder Rose and much more, this lightweight and gentle yet uber-effective Face Oil has been proven by the test of time and has risen to the position of the ‘Queen of Face Oils’ in Ayurveda!

    This delicate Face Oil is all you need to achieve that blushing-glow, clarify skin, brighten the appearance of dull and worn-down skin (be that because of age or because of external factors like pollution and stress).

    iYURA Kesaradi Saffron-Glow Face Oil
    • Perfect as a daily moisturizer in the morning and at night
    • Feel light weight moisturization like fresh morning dew on your bare feet on a Sunday morning, without getting your pores clogged 
    • Unlike other generic face oils, it is made up of 21 potent and rare-to-find Ayurvedic ingredients
    • COOKED (and not simple blended like other face oils you may have used) using intensive Ayurvedic procedures for days at a stretch to make the oil even more effective
    • Specifically designed for dull, dry, dehydrated and patchy skin
    • Contains the most expensive and incredible spice in the world yet is cheaper than dinner for two!
    • Will last you 3-6 months, as you need not more than 3 drops at a time – A little goes a long way!

    It’s not just us, but also our customers who guarantee you
    100% Satisfaction!  


    "Best skin care ever !”
    “I've been using these oils for about a year now and I can vouch for the premium quality and the excellent results I've got! My skin was absolutely lifeless, dry... and dull. I tried almost all the big expensive brands in the market only to get disappointed. Then I came across The Ayurveda Experience, the name itself gave me a lot of confidence, it's been a year I've been using only these oils, and I can say I'm completely hooked on for life !! A little goes a long way. Keeps the skin soft and supple...-absolutely natural - what else can one ask for - it's magic !!”

    - Smita S.
    Skin type: Dry
    Skin concern: Dryness, dullness
    Age: 40


    "This oil gave me my dream skin!”
    “You know how people always want what they don’t have, well all of my life I have dreamed of having shiny, clear, flawless skin! In my younger years I had acne that left scars. My whole life I have had to wear a lot of make up to cover them. I also had uneven skin tone and enlarged pores. I had tried everything, including cosmetic surgery and the derma filler -for acne scars. These oils from Ayurveda were God sent. They changed my life and I am so forever grateful to who ever invented this stuff! Ayurveda oils did more for me than any cosmetic surgery I have ever had. I have spend thousands on my face and this simple day and night oils from Ayurveda did more for me for a fraction of the price!”

    - Lynn L.
    Skin type: Oily
    Skin concern: Acne scars, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone
    Age: 61


    "Full of high quality ingredients. So much better than any other product I've used. My skin is brighter and clearer” 

    - Rebecca R.
    Skin type: Combination
    Skin concern: Aging
    Age: 64


    "Amazing stuff!!!"
    “I have been using the Kesaradi Oil for over six months now. My skin (I am 69) is looking the best ever! My dermatologist commented on how great my skin looked (he thought I was still using the expensive products that I was buying from him). When I told him thank you very much I am using Kesaradi oil and showed it to him, he was rather speechless. I am saving hundreds of dollars bc I no longer use all the skin care products from there. ... I rarely even use makeup anymore. … I highly recommend this product and will use it forever! THE BEST!!!!”

    - Patricia R.
    Skin type: Dry
    Skin concern: Wrinkles- old age
    Age: 69


    “I absolutely love this oil. I’ve always had sensitive skin and reactions to many products. I will never go without this oil. It leaves your skin moisturized and glowing. So happy I found this company!”

    - Megan R.
    Skin type: Sensitive
    Skin concern: Sensitive/anti-aging
    Age: 33


    "My favorite"
    “I have been using this product for several years now, buy it regularly as soon as it runs out. this is my favorite. I like its soft, balanced action. Most of all, it evens out [the look of] skin tone and texture. Very good effect on problem areas: under the eyes, neck and décolleté. This tool, which is always with me both at home and on travels, has never failed me! Thanks!

    - Anna I.
    Skin type: Combination
    Skin concern: Age changes
    Age: 47

    The Most Trusted and Recognized House of Brands that provides centuries’ old authentic Ayurvedic solutions to 600,000+ happy customers spread across 4 continents in 150+ countries. 

    iYURA products are 100% natural.

    Safety and efficacy lie at the core of The Ayurveda Experience

    Take advantage of this Glow-boosting face oil made with time tested Ayurvedic ingredients that have proven to work over thousands of years.

    More than 240,603 customers have loved this face oil and have given it an average rating of 4.8 stars.

    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil

    +Free Delivery

    100% Satisfaction, 30-Day FULL Money Back Guarantee

    Kesaradi Saffron-Glow Face Oil

    50 ml

    Average Rating: 4.8/5

    Rich, Ultra-Light Face Oil for Brightening and Day-Long Glowing Skin!

    Bestows a brightened glow, livelier appearance of the skin, reduces patchy appearance. Balances all 3 Doshas!

    • A perfect morning moisturizer to enliven your skin
    • Contains not 1 or 2 or 5, but 21 potent Ayurvedic ingredients including Saffron, Turmeric, Indian Madder, Licorice, Rose and many others
    • Has multi-benefits for the skin: Moisturizes dry skin, perks up dull skin and relieves the patchy appearance.
    • Leave-on oil moisturizer for long-term effects



    + Free Delivery

    100% Satisfaction, 30-Day FULL Money Back Guarantee


    Saffron forms the key ingredient in this ancient skincare recipe for Kesaradi Glow Oil, cooked using a time-consuming and intensive Ayurvedic process, and serves 3 important purposes, written about extensively in classical Ayurvedic texts.

    ‘Kantida’ or Beauty-Boosting

    Beauty-Boosting or ‘Kantida’:

    The essential nutrients and efficacious minerals in Saffron lend Kesaradi the qualities to enhance the appeal of the skin. When combined with rare Ayurvedic ingredients like Largeleaf Beautyberry, Kesaradi helps preserve the youthful beauty of your skin and raw energy within itself. The oil is cooked with Saffron for so many days that all the goodness of this spice is ingrained in the oil, helping it naturally adorn the skin with a glowing look, a smooth touch.

    This is the ultimate reason why Kesaradi Oil gives your face a glow of golden hue, right from the first few weeks of using it!

    ‘Varnya’ or Brightness-Boosting

    Brightness-Boosting or ‘Varnya':

    The word ‘Varnya’ in Sanskrit means “luster and brightened skin tone”, which encompasses beauty in simple terms in Ayurveda!

    As a potent glow-enhancer, Saffron along with brightening herbs such as Licorice help obtain a glowing complexion, with an even clearer skin tone and glassy texture.

    In Kesaradi Oil, Saffron is used to create this exact look of softened skin with a natural glow.

    ‘Vrana Shodhana’ or Purifiying

    Purifiying or ‘Vrana Shodhana’:

    Thanks to the high vitamin content in Saffron, it helps provide a gentle cleansing or exfoliating effect.

    This property gives you a clear, seemingly pore-less appearance with a smooth look that even makes light bounce off your skin!

    The Saffron in Kesaradi’s formulation along with the potent Manjistha or Indian Madder gives you precisely this gentle support while being extra-clarifying with its potent concentrate in a light textured formulation.

    iYURA Kesaradi Oil is a polyherbal leave-on oil which always works the best (when compared to Saffron in cleansers, toners or face packs) because it allows the essence of this redeeming ‘Red Gold’ herb to stay on your skin for longer periods.

    This promotes the ongoing rejuvenation and enhancement process, giving it ample time to work its way into your skin and activate from the inside, especially when used in the morning.


    iYURA Kesaradi Oil

    Sesame Seed Oil [Sesamum Indicum], Cow milk, Indian Madder [Rubia Cordifolia], Essential Oil of Rose [Rosa Damascena], Saffron [Crocus Sativus], Turmeric [Curcuma Longa], Lotus [Nelumbo Nucifera], Indian Rose Chestnut [Mesua Ferra], Wild Himalayan Cherry [Prunus Cerasoides], Symplocos Tree [Symplocos Racemosa], Nut Grass [Cyperus Rotundus], Vetiver Grass [Vetiveria Zizanioides], Licorice [Glycyrrhiza Glabra], Indian Bay-Leaf [Cinnamomum Tamala], Indian Elecampane [Inula Racemosa], Indian Barberry [Berberis Aristata], Flame of the Forest [Butea Monosperma], Large Leaf Beautyberry [Callicarpa Macrophylla], Black Mustard [Brassica Nigra], Sweet Flag [Acorus Calamus], Indian Banyan [Ficus Benghalensis].


    You might wonder how can iYURA’s Kesaradi Saffron-rich oil give you all the benefits of Saffron, at only a fraction of the price at which Saffron is sold.

    Well, that’s because, as an authentic Ayurvedic skincare brand focused solely on bringing the best and most genuine Ayurveda to the West, iYURA believes in accessible skincare.

    The ancient yet still relevant wisdom of Ayurveda, be that skincare or any other spheres of life, is too valuable to be overlooked under the tag of heavy dollar bills.

    The science of Ayurveda is all about exploring and discovering the wonders of Mother Nature, and we believe that it should not come at an unaffordable price!

    Which is why we take the pains to create beautiful, efficacious skincare that gives you a glimpse of all that Ayurveda has to offer through its wide range of herbs – all at an affordable price!

    We’re on a journey to make Ayurveda more and more attainable to everyone in the West, and affordable yet efficacious formulations are one way of doing it.

    Moreover, as part of our brand thesis, iYURA products are 20% bigger in volume, and 20% less costly than the average bestselling face oils!

    If you still need a little more to be convinced... look at this

    We did some research and found some Saffron oils available in the USA.

    Product A: $35 USD for 1 fl oz

    Product B: $23 USD for 0.3 fl oz – which is more than $59 USD for 1 fl oz

    Product C: $98 USD for 1 fl oz

    Product D: $135 USD for 1 fl oz!

    On the other hand, there’s iYURA’s Kesaradi which is only $23.53/fl oz – almost the same as lunch for two at your favorite restaurant.

    At only $40 USD for a 1.76 fl/oz bottle, you're getting the best version of world's most costliest spice, Saffron, along with 20 other Ayurvedic ingredients that you will not easily find in the West. And then, can you even put a price on the Ayurvedic authenticity we provide by making use of the 5,000 year old method of preparation of Kesaradi?!

    The Saffron-power in Kesaradi is so high that you don’t need more than 3 tiny drops at a time to moisturize, which means that one $40 USD bottle of Kesaradi is going to last you anywhere between 3 to 6 months! 

    Would you want to waste your hard-earned money on something that may or may not work?

    Or would you want to INVEST, yes invest, your money in something derived straight out of nature, and formulated with extreme precision using procedures and techniques that have proven their efficacy for more than 5,000 years?

    Oh, and did we tell you that you also get FREE Shipping for this product?
    Zero dollars charged for delivery at your doorstep! 

    Our customers agree that Kesaradi is the best and the most affordable skincare!


    ”Excellent product”
    “The Kesaradi face oil is brilliant. I know you’ve probably read hundreds of positive reviews for other skincare products and been disappointed. But seriously, this is the BEST skin product I have ever used. I have dry skin and...and it has cleared it up. I have spent a fortune on skincare in the past and it’s never lived up to the promises. The price point for this product is fantastic. Customer service is excellent. I am buying this for my friends for Christmas!”

    Vanessa L.
    Skin type: Dry
    Skin concern: Aging Skin
    Age: 52


    "Best skin care ever !”
    “Another wonderful product from Ayurveda. ... Well worth the price.

    -Susan C.


    ”Kesaradi oil for my face”
    “I’m 68 and I just love how my face is looking over the past few weeks! Fine lines are starting to look diminished and the oil leaves my face glowing. No need for makeup except for some mascara. I’m definitely sold on this product... Reasonable price and free shipping. Doesn’t get much better than that. 😊”

    Ramona S.
    Skin type: Dry
    Skin concern: Wrinkles and Fine Lines from aging
    Age: 68

    Worried you won’t like it as much as they do? 👆🏻

    With our 100% Satisfaction and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, you will not have to think twice about getting Kesaradi today.

    If you’re not satisfied with our products, you can write back to us within 30 days and get a FULL refund. No questions asked. No need to even return the bottle!

    That’s how confident we are of our formulations!

    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil
    Kesaradi Face Oil

    +Free Delivery

    100% Satisfaction, 30-Day FULL Money Back Guarantee

    Kesaradi Saffron-Glow Face Oil

    50 ml

    Average Rating: 4.8/5

    Rich, Ultra-Light Face Oil for Brightening and Day-Long Glowing Skin!

    Bestows a brightened glow, livelier appearance of the skin, reduces patchy appearance. Balances all 3 Doshas!

    • A perfect morning moisturizer to enliven your skin
    • Contains not 1 or 2 or 5, but 21 potent Ayurvedic ingredients including Saffron, Turmeric, Indian Madder, Licorice, Rose and many others
    • Has multi-benefits for the skin: Moisturizes dry skin, perks up dull skin and relieves the patchy appearance.
    • Leave-on oil moisturizer for long-term effects



    + Free Delivery

    100% Satisfaction, 30-Day FULL Money Back Guarantee

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