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  • Get a beautiful skin, Relaxation and Inner peace using a special formula made from 100 % natural herbs and plants.

    We'd like to introduce you to Visran relaxation oil 

    Ayurveda's recipe for balance in body, mind and soul with Eucalyptus, Cedar wood and 20 other herbs 

    Visran Relaxation Oil is a traditional Ayurvedic oil that is enriched with essence of herbs and powerful essential oils. The addition of Eucalyptus and Cedar wood has a relaxing effect!

    Natural essences that calm the head and invigorate the body!

    We live in a society where stress makes us age faster, our skin, body and mind suffer from our environment and the stress we go through in our daily life. Visran relaxation oil is for those that want to find a balance in their stressful daily life.

    iYURA recently discovered Ayurveda, but this ancient science already has a solution for you. Over 5000 ago, they discovered the power of natural herbal ingredients and they have now gotten so advanced that complex recipes have been delivered that deliver results that an ordinary ointment or cream cannot!  Visran relaxation oil supports a return to absolute well-being and inner peace.

    Why YOU should use an oil as part of your routine!

    Unlike some other ointments and creams, Ayurvedic oils are not just a combination of ingredients and chemicals. Ayurvedic oils are an extremely effective combination of exotic herbs that are carefully processed according to the Ayurvedic procedures recommended in the old Ayurvedic texts. These oils are very light and do not stick, it is the type of oil that disappears in your skin but still gives you smooth skin. The result differs from that of a cream.

    And even more - Ayurvedic oils are also suitable for all skin types!

    Regardless of whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive or whether you have combination skin - whether you live in a temperate, moist  dry climate or even by the sea, the Ayurvedic oils have been developed in such a way that they balance your skin and give it a better look than any cream, lotion or gel ever did.

    I already mentioned: Only the purest Ayurvedic herbs are used, nothing is hidden from you! 

    What makes the effect of iYura Visran relaxation oil so special? 

    The main effect of Ayurvedic massage oils comes from the harmonious mode of action of the various herbs contained in the oil. These herbs are carefully selected and picked according to tradition. The production of an Ayurveda oil is therefore a long process that takes time and is carried out with great care!

    iYURA Visran relaxation oil is a poly-herbal massage oil with over 24 herbs, which was produced according to the complex recipes of Ayurveda.

    Return to absolute well-being and physical relaxation with our traditional Ayurvedic oil, enriched with Eucalyptus, Cedar wood and 20 other natural ingredients! 

    • This natural Ayurvedic oil is suitable for all skin types 
    • Beautiful skin thanks to a special formula made from sesame oil and herbal essences 
    • A new kind of massage for a calm mind! 
    • Peace of mind through soothing fragrances 
    • 100% natural production 

    A special blend of 100% natural Ayurvedic plant substances, herbal essences and sesame oil ensures beautiful skin while at the same time providing a relaxing experience that leads to a calm mind.

    iYURA Visran relaxation oil 

    Ayurveda's recipe for balance in body, mind & soul 

    I love this product!

    I have an oily / combination skin and am 49 years old. I have recently noticed that my skin needs something better than my usual routine. I have read the reviews and ingredients of this product and couldn't wait to try it. I love the results. My skin is smoother... Thank you for developing such a valuable natural product. 

    - Jennifer H.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    Wow! What a difference!!!

    How do you say so beautifully, a picture says more than 1000 words. You just have to look at the difference between the first and the 25th day. I used the oil according to the instructions to document the difference. At the age of 66, my dry, sensitive skin hadn't looked so good for many years. Thank you for this fabulous product. 

    - Stephanie L.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    What are the powerful ingredients of Visran relaxation oil 

    Visran relaxation oil is so impressive because of its unique combination of beneficial massage oil and powerful herbal essences that ensures beautiful skin while at the same time providing a relaxing experience that leads to a calm mind.

    Enriched with twenty natural active ingredients, Visran relaxation oil is a ware power combination among the Ayurveda oils. This special formula is based on a traditional manufacturing method that have been passed down through generations! It combines the beneficial effects of eastern plant knowledge with the requirements of our modern society. 

    The refreshing effect of eucalyptus 

    Eucalyptus is known in Ayurveda for its refreshing effects! It is particularly suitable for a cooling feel on the skin after a work-out or long walks.

    In this oil, the Eucalyptus gives a cooling feeling that helps calm your mind. This will make it easier to let go of everyday events and in turn this will allow you and your body to relax in both day and night.

    The oil can also be used during meditation, Eucalyptus will give a fresh feel with it's pleasant smell.

    The warm note of Cedar wood 

    Known in India as "Devadaru" - the wood of the gods - cedar wood is a very special wood! According to legend, it stores the energy of the entire universe. Cedar wood is said to promotes self-confidence, soothes the mind, lifts the mood and is particularly known to be beneficial for the skin! Especially with dry, flaky or sensitive skin, Cedar wood is said to have an extremely positive effect.
    In meditation, the strong note of Cedar-wood helps provide a calm feel that slows down running thoughts allowing you to focus on your inner center instead of daily life.

    As part of your daily-self massage, the warm note of this "wood of the gods" will provide a calming and supportive effect and will help you feel comfortable in your own body, this is especially helpfull if life gets to be a little too much.

    The cooling effect of asparagus root 

    Asparagus root is not only known in Indian Ayurveda, but also in TCM, Chinese medicine!

    Asparagus root has a beauty-promoting effect! It keeps the skin fresh and moisturized, which keeps the skin soft. 

    The calming effect of clover root 

    Desmodium clover is one of the most commonly used herbs in Ayurveda. It is part of the "Dashmoola" 10 most important plants! It's fragrance is often said to be calming and peaceful with every breath. The herb also naturally promotes balance of the Doshas.

    The popular Ayurvedic sesame oil 

    Sesame oil is one of the most popular bases for Ayurvedic oils and is used as a basis in many of the traditional blends. This preference comes from it's suitability for all skin types and it's ability to contain the essence of all herbs needed. The oil is also also has a light texture, easily absorbing into the skin. It is often used for daily self-massage.

    Sesame oil is also commonly used in various sports such as the south-Indian Kelari or yoga, to massage joints and skin before training. In these disciplines it's said to keep the body flexible.

    How to take care of your skin with Visran Relaxation Oil 

    This relaxation oil is ideal after physical and mental exertion, during meditation or before going to bed. Take one or two pumps of the oil and gently massage the body until the oil no longer absorbs.

    For meditation: Take 5 ml oil in the palm of your hand and massage the oil on your chest and temples, the fresh scent will calm your mind and help you focus on your breath.

    Before going to bed: Take 5 ml oil and treat yourself to a massage on your feet, hands, arms, shoulders and temples. You will feel yourself come to rest will feel grounded and clear. The fresh scent will ensure a restful night of sleep!

    After exercising: Take 5 ml oil and gently massage all muscles with the oil until it's fully absorbed. Let the beneficial power of Visran relaxation oil take effect and take 15 minutes to relax. 

    A well-deserved break for your body and mind 

    Pamper yourself and your skin with our Visran relaxation oil! Natural Ayurvedic herbs in a gentle massage oil calm and relax your mind and body, while making your skin feel velvety soft.

    "This stuff is just AWESOME !!!!"

    Everything I have tried so far has either not worked, irritated my skin, or is MUCH too expensive ... THAT?!? Is unbelievable!!! No irritation, excellent price (lasts a long time) and it works !!!! I have been working outdoors (for 17 years) and my skin was tired, dull and I had to deal with dry spots even though I did everything possible! These products kept their promise !!! I would highly recommend her !!!! 

    - Susan C.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    The special benefits of Visran relaxation oil 

    • Special formula of an Ayurvedic massage oil, according to ancient Indian tradition 
    • Not just a mix of different oils and essences, but a formula following tradition
    • powerful herbs, roots and oils for well-being and balance 
    • Ayurvedic formula with natural active ingredients 
    • 100% vegan

    That's what our customers say about iYURA products 

    I love this oil. From the day I started using it, I saw a difference. I am 51 years old and I always had good skin, but I noticed that it had changed and nothing that I used worked. This facial oil immediately made a difference. .... I look forward to putting it on every morning. It feels good and smells nice. I don't even really need to wear makeup ... I'm so glad I found it and didn't want to be without it anymore. I highly recommend it. 

    Rosalie R.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    My skin has never looked so good and never felt so good!
    I am 49 years old and since my 50th birthday is just around the corner, I have started to notice drastic changes in my skin. It looked dull and I looked a lot older. I tried all of the expensive anti aging skin care products and nothing made a difference until I started using iYURA. It is amazing how quickly my skin reacted! It felt so much softer from the first use, and the radiant glow is something I thought was gone forever. It doesn't feel oily and my combination skin doesn't feel greasy. I like the earthy smell and just won't use anything else. It's that good! 

    Jennifer G.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    What is special about the Visran relaxation oil? 

    Visran relaxation oil is not just any herbal oil that smells good. The special recipe is based on 5000 years of Ayurveda knowledge and is made from 100% natural ingredients.

    The Ayurvedic oil contains not only twenty powerful Ayurvedic herbs chosen according to the ancient Ayurvedic tradition, which rarely occur in conventional herbal massage oils, but also cooling Eucalyptus oil and grounding Cedar oil. This combination is so special because it is made in the traditional way of Ayurveda and at the same time meets the demands of our modern society! This is particularly important because our modern lifestyle requires more rest and relaxation than twenty years ago!

    Visran relaxation oil is ideal for all skin types. The base of sesame oil is quickly absorbed into the skin and is not sticky! It seduces the senses with its pleasant smell and therefore quickly soothes the mind. The herbal essences caress the skin, soothe after physical exertion and ensure inner harmony and balance. 

    A power package that has it all! 

    That's what our customers say about our iYURA products 

    "natural and powerful"
    These products are game changers! I look forward to my skincare routine when I know that I use products that are natural and powerful. 

    - Emily D.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    Such a wonderful smelling, great oil. I have used it on many of my patients and everyone has chosen their own bottle for at home as it has massively reduced their pain. I cannot recommend this oil enough. 

    - Rachimah

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    Visran relaxation oil 

    "My skin was hungry for this product !!" 

    "I was concerned about an oily layer because my skin was oily for most of my life. But I had recently started an Ayurvedic diet and decided to switch to skin care too. After about two weeks, my friends commented on the smooth appearance and the beautiful, even color of my skin. They were sure I was wearing makeup, but it wasn't true! " 

    - Cynthia W.

    100 ML

    + Free delivery 

    100% satisfaction and 30-day money back guarantee 

    This oil is incredible. I noticed a difference from the moment I applied it. I will definitely buy again and again ... 

    - Tiaura R.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    "I LOVE MY iYURA OILS !!!"
    My skin is like butter. I'm already on my second bottle .... My skin was great for a 55 year old. But now it's phenomenal and I'm shining! 

     - Rebecca j.

    - Results can vary from person to person 

    Complete list of ingredients 

    Sesame oil [Sesamum indicum seed oil]
    Five-leaved chaste tree [Vitex negundo leaf extract]
    Shatavari [Asparagus racemosus root extract]
    Shalparni [Desmodium gangeticum root extract]
    Country mallow [Sida cordifolia root extract]
    Porcupine flower [Barleria prionitis whole plant extract]
    Castor bean [Ricinus communis root extract]
    Wild sugarcane [Saccharum spontaneum root extract]
    Brihti [ [Solanum indicum root extract]
    Indian Beech [Pongamia pinnata seed extract]
    Prishniparni [Uraria picta whole plant extract]
    Sweet flag [Acorus calamus rhizome extract]
    Blue ginger [Alpinia galanga root extract]
    Punarnava [Boerhavia diffusa root extract]
    Himalayan Cedar [Cedrus deodara heartwood extract]
    Green cardemon [Elettaria cardamomum seed extract]
    Fennel [Foeniculum vulgare fruit extract]
    Stone flower [Parmelia perlata flower extract]
    Rasana [Pluchea lanceolata leaf extract]
    Indian sandalwood [Santalum album heartwood extract]
    Indian valarian [Valeriana wallichii root extract]
    Ashwagandha [Withania somnifera root extract]
    Southern Blue Gum essential oil [Eucalyptus globulus essential oil] 
    Himalayan Cedar essential oil  [Cedrus deodara heartwood essential oil]

    Ayurvedic skin care 

    According to Ayurvedic teaching, the skin should only be cared for with products that can also be eaten. Ayurveda therefore only recommends natural formulations for your skin that do not contain harmful chemicals or additives.

    Ayurvedic skin care is always 100% natural and much more! 

    When is a product “Ayurvedic”? 

    Ayurvedic skincare products are more than a simple mixture of herbs and natural ingredients.

    Ayurveda is a science based on principles and only recipes that follow the ancient texts or strictly adhere to the Ayurvedic principles are actually Ayurvedic and show the expected effect. Classic Ayurvedic recipes can be found in the ancient Ayurvedic texts that have been in use for thousands of years and are still used effectively today.

    At iYURA, we ensure that we adhere to the texts and principles without the products becoming impractical to use. iYURA stands for authentic, high-quality and effective Ayurveda products for the modern user. At iYURA, we ensure that we adhere to the texts and principles without the products becoming impractical to use. We follow the classic Ayurvedic recipes of the ancient texts and bring them into line with modern needs and requirements.

    The special thing about iYURA and Ayurveda 

    iYURA Visran relaxation oil is part of the iYURA collection. You can recognize all of our iYURA products at first glance!

    Each of our products has a specific purpose. Natural aromas and herbs are combined to guarantee the highest purity, effect and function. It is important to us to keep the tradition of Ayurveda alive and to make this ancient knowledge accessible to as many people as possible.

    Our 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee will make this a risk-free choice for you. If you are not satisfied after trying the product, write us and we will refund you the full product price.

    A sports massage usually costs between € 40 and € 150 and unfortunately has no long-lasting effect on the body. Even a conventional Ayurvedic massage does not guarantee that you will still keep your head clear after a week and find more rest in your daily life. This means that if you want to relax your body, mind and soul in the long term, regularity and self-care are required. Our Visran relaxation oil helps you to relax your body, calm the mind and find the a way to be peaceful and stay in balance in the long run.

    Visran Relaxation Oil is particularly suitable if you are often physically active, cannot switch off the thoughts in your head or need support with reaching a peaceful state in meditation! This relaxation oil will pamper you not just once, but every day for weeks.

    The earthy and refreshing note of Eucalyptus and Cedarwood frees the head from unwanted and unnecessary thoughts and lifts the mood in seconds. This helps you to concentrate better and let go of the daily worry!

    With just one week of use with Visran relaxation oil you have already saved six times the price of a regular massage. Your body and mind will thank you! 

    What you get when you order today 

    Quality and authenticity 

    iYURA stands for high-quality Ayurvedic products and keeps its promise of high quality and authenticity. We want to make it easier for people in western countries to benefit from the knowledge of ancient Asian medicine. 

    The iYURA guarantees 


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